Tessera (Single)

Release Date: July 23rd 2021

Nights Are Harder These Days (Single)

Release Date: June 25th 2021


Release Date: August 20th 2021

“This album represents three years of songwriting inspired by present day life. These songs are about you—I hope.
Those are always my favorite songs. The ones someone else wrote that make you feel like you wrote them. The ones that make you feel less alone.
Or forget that shit, turn it up and have a good time.
Either way works.”
-David Duchovny

Layin' on the Tracks (Single)

Release Date: 2020

Recent Features

This Election, David Duchovny Wants to Go on Record

By Brenna Ehrlich

This past January, a lifetime ago, David Duchovny was ensconced in a Catskills, New York, recording studio, working on his third album, Gestureland, the follow-up to 2018’s Every Third Thought. When Rolling Stone dropped in on him, he was recording the anti-Trump song “Layin’ on the Tracks,” which laments America’s fate at the hands of a “stupid orange man in a cheap red hat.” That track officially drops Tuesday and it’s even more timely now.

It's News to Us - Guest: David Duchovny, Trump Won’t Concede

By Idobi Radio

Actor David Duchovny shares his thoughts on the election and plays his new song. Meanwhile, DJT refuses to admit he lost.

Kyle Meredith’s Best of 2020 Pt. 3: Jim James, Julien Baker, David Duchovny, and More

By COS Staff

For all of December, Kyle Meredith is looking back on his favorite moments in 2020. This week, we revisit Jim James discussing the murder of Breona Taylor, Julien Baker dissecting the lies sold through religion, Paul Weller chewing on systematic change, Laura Marling studying psychoanalysis, Soundgarden guitarist Kim Thayil explaining why he’ll never do a solo record, and actor/novelist/musician David Duchovny wrestling with an environment of perpetual politics.

David Duchovny talks anti-Trump song, Facebook and what Fox Mulder would be doing in 2020

By Lyndsey Parker

Speaking to Yahoo Entertainment the morning after Election Day, David Duchovny is, like much of the nation, on edge. Leading up to the presidential election, the actor and singer-songwriter released the scathing protest song “Layin’ on the Tracks,” with its unsubtle jab at a certain “stupid orange man in a cheap red hat.” Says Duchovny, “I went to bed [on Tuesday] really depressed… I felt gut-punched. I felt very dark. I felt desolate. I felt I can’t put up with another four years of this guy.”