WBUR: ‘Holy Cow,’ It’s David Duchovny!

WBUR speaks with David Duchovny about what he’s been up to on their segment “On Point.”

by Tom Ashbrook | February 11, 2015

Actor David Duchovny has a wry way of seducing audiences that slides easily to the outrageous.  He was the transvestite DEA agent in “Twin Peaks.”  Intrepid agent Fox Mulder in The “X-Files.”  Over-the-top bad-boy novelist Hank Moody in “Californication.”  He’s coming out next month with a first record.  Think Wilco or R.E.M., he likes to say.  And he’s out right now with a first novel.  A whacky, half-serious fable about a cow, a pig and a turkey looking for a better life.  It’s called “Holy Cow.”  This hour On Point:  we’re talking with actor, now novelist, David Duchovny.

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