Washington Post: David Duchovny’s hilarious new novel hits a home run

By Micah Pollack | March 31, 2016

David Duchovny has staked out the high ground in the growing pantheon of celebrity novelists. The “X-Files” star’s first work, “Holy Cow,” was a wry magical realist story told through the first-person narration of a bovine on an upstate New York dairy farm. Now comes “Bucky F*cking Dent,” set against the backdrop of 1970s New York and one of baseball’s most famous pennant races.

Much like his debut, Duchovny’s second work traces a rite of passage, this one the ­well-trodden terrain of a son coming to grips with a distant father who has only a few months to live. Both father and son spend chunks of the narrative trying to put the totality of life in perspective.

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