UPROXX: David Duchovny On Writing ‘The Reservoir,’ Conspiracies, The Knicks, And Still Being Mad At Michael Jordan’s ‘Bullshit Move’

By Jason Tabrys on May 27, 2021

The press release for The Reservoir, David Duchovny’s new Audible Original (which you can download now) namechecks the Alfred Hitchcock classic 1954 film Rear Window when teasing the actor turned author’s new work (with this plus his four previous books, he’s hardly a tourist in the literary world). It’s about “a middle-aged man living alone who grows increasingly obsessed with a woman whose apartment window he faces.” Duchovny, himself, mentions Thomas Mann’s 1912 novella Death In Venice as another inspiration for this story when we spoke via Zoom recently. But this short form fiction audio project is also heavily rooted in the now, or rather, the heart of a pandemic where a dying man slips into a world of conspiracy while, quite possibly, losing his mind.

As Duchovny explains it, the only possible setting for all of this was New York, where he himself spent much of this lost year of quarantine staring out the window of his apartment, a view that is woven into The Reservoir (and which is breathtaking… Zoom interviews are rad). But while COVID and conspiracy loom large in this fictional world, the latter wasn’t always a part of the plan. And then the world turned how it did over these last few months and, voila, inspiration.

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