EW: David Duchovny Joins Cast of The Craft Reboot

EW: David Duchovny Joins Cast of The Craft Reboot

EW talks about David Duchovny’s casting in the reboot of cult-classic The Craft, as well as his other upcoming work.

By Devan Coggan on October 16, 2019

David Duchovny faced off against aliens, vampires, sewer monsters, and more in The X-Files. Now, he’ll be crossing paths with some witches.

The actor is joining the upcoming reboot of The CraftEW has confirmed. Zoe Lister-Jones is writing and directing the new film, based on the 1996 classic about a quartet of teenage witches wreaking magical mayhem.

The original version of The Craft  only earned $24.8 million at the box office but has since become a cult classic, featuring Robin Tunney, Fairuza Balk, Rachel True, and Neve Campbell. The new film is being billed as a “reimagining,” updating the story of the four occult outsiders and casting Cailee Spaeny, Gideon Adlon, Lovie Simone, and Zoey Luna. Blumhouse and Columbia Pictures are co-financing the new film.

Duchovny is best known for his roles in The X-Files and Californication, each of which netted him a Golden Globe. He also starred in the recent Twin Peaks continuation and the crime drama series Aquarius. He’s currently working on a film adaptation of his 2016 novel, Bucky F*cking Dent.

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NME: David Duchovny Q&A: Tom Petty, The future of X-Files, #TimesUp and his own sweet, sweet music

NME: David Duchovny Q&A: Tom Petty, The future of X-Files, #TimesUp and his own sweet, sweet music

By Leonie Cooper | March 15, 2018

Hello David! Music is a relatively new string to your bow – what made you start making it?
“I just always loved music and had wanted to play an instrument and found myself with some time about six or seven years ago. I was like, ‘fuck it, I’ll teach myself how to play guitar’, and just sit in a room and learn some chords and sing along to songs that I like, like the way any child would do but I happened to be in my 50s when I did it.”

What were those songs that you were playing along with?
“’The Weight’, ‘Wish you Were Here’, classic ’60s rock, stuff that I grew up with, a real return to my roots.”

How does the new album differ from the first?
“I think musically it’s more sophisticated. The first album is more country rock or folk rock or whatever, more stripped down, even though there are a couple rockers. But this one is more like… I love ‘”Heroes”’ by Bowie, can we give a vibe like that to the song? I love Fleetwood Mac bass and drums – can we kind of have the airtight feel to the song? Stuff like that.”

‘Every Third Thought’ – why name the album after that track? Why is that track so important?
“I don’t think it is so important, I wanted to call the album ‘Stranger In The Sacred Heart’ but people were afraid that people would think it was a Christian album! But ‘Every Third Thought’ I think as a phrase it’s kind of strangely evocative and good and as you probably know by your accent, it’s Shakespeare. “Every third thought will be on death” I think is the actual quote but in the song it’s kind of like on another person. It’s a little bit about obsession or not being able to move on, I kind of like it.”

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