QRO Magazine: Interview with David Duchovny

QRO: Interview with David Duchovny

Ted Chase on July 16, 2021

Shortly after announcing his third album, Gestureland (out August 20th), David Duchovny talked with QRO. In the conversation, the actor/director/musician/author discussed the new album (including stopping making it for almost a year), co-writing with his band, hopefully touring (just not Europe in the winter…), pandemic kids, this year’s Audible production The Reservoir, this year’s new novel Truly Like Lightning (and making it into a Showtime series), Bucky (F*cking) Dent (and Bill (F*cking) Buckner), Spotify’s f*cking logarithm, Zalman King, the fictional David Duchovny, and much more…

QRO: How have you been holding up during all of this?

David Duchovny: Pretty well. I was lucky enough to be able to be in New York with my son, mostly, over the initial lockdown, from a year ago last early spring. And that was actually quite wonderful, in its own way – aside from, obviously, the pandemic’s a horrible thing. To be able to spend that much time with a boy who just turning 18. It was definitely interesting, and something that I would have wished I would have decided to do, had there not been a global pandemic forcing me…

So, I was in New York for really when it was the epicenter, and through that. I got COVID in October of that year, after the summer. It wasn’t that bad for me; I mean, it wasn’t a picnic, but I didn’t have to be hospitalized or anything like that.

It was very strange. In fact, I just wrote a novella, which is on Amazon Audible. I thought, ‘Oh, I’m never gonna write anything inspired by this,’ and it kinda just came out. It was a very interesting kind of process, to kind of write my way through the story, in a way, kind of writing what it meant to me, or writing what it was all about to me. Kind of making it clear, thoughts that I wouldn’t have had, had I not tried to write this story.

QRO: Did your son graduate high school during the pandemic?

DD: He just graduated high school this past spring.

You know, it’s hard to gage the effects of the kind of isolation. Obviously, adults have it a bad, but I think kids, teenagers…

Young kids, too. Say you’re a three- or four-year-old kid. You’re supposed to start going to socialize, you know, not be a selfish monster anymore. Now you don’t get to do that for a year-and-a-half.

It’s odd to think about the developmental slowing down that might happen. And we won’t know for years.

QRO: I was just thinking that your son missed all the graduation parties…

DD: He missed all that…

For me, that was never… I mean, I’m not him; I can’t speak to that. But, to me, that was always bullshit. To me, I would miss the community of school. I had a nice experience in high school; I looked forward to going to school. I loved the kids that I was with, didn’t want to be at home.

So, I can’t imagine, if I’d had to lockdown like junior & senior year. I would have just been so miserable…


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Headliner: David Duchovny Talks New Album, Songwriting and Musical Obsessions

Headliner: David Duchovny Talks New Album, Songwriting and Musical Obsessions

Daniel Gumble on July 16, 2021

David Duchovny, star of The X Files and Californication – and more recently prolific singer-songwriter – has spoken to Headliner about his upcoming third album Gestureland, his creative process and the music that inspired him to start making music.

Having only been playing guitar since 2014, Duchovny quickly set about writing songs and releasing music, unveiling his debut record Hell Or Highwater just a year later in 2015. In amongst a busy schedule that comprised numerous acting and writing roles, he found time to write and record 2018 follow-up Every Third Thought, and in 2020 began work on what would become Gestureland, which is set for release on August 20.

Here, in an in-depth interview, Duchovny opens up on what made him decide to embark on this new creative path at this stage in his career, the music that shaped him during his formative years and his ongoing development as an artist.

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Life is Short with Justin Long: Interview with David Duchovny

Life is Short with Justin Long: Interview with David Duchovny

July 13, 2021

Is it just me or is time flying by? How do we make the most out of our short time here on Earth? That’s what we’re here to find out. I’m Justin Long and I’ve been an actor for most of my life, so I’m used to getting inside the heads of the characters I play. But now that I’m getting older (I’m 43 now, yikes), I want to peek inside the heads of real people to learn how they find meaning in life. I’m also very curious what their favorite snack food is, and what emoji they use most often — ya know, the REALLY important stuff. Every episode I’ll get personal with all kinds of people, from actors to musicians to deep thinkers who fascinate me. My brother Christian is on hand each episode to keep me honest, and occasionally remind me about some of the embarrassing things I’ve done over the years. Join us, or if you have more important things to do, that’s okay too — life is short!

David Duchovny (The Reservoir, Gestureland) talks to Justin about how he almost turned down his iconic role on The X- Files, he debunks a common misconception about himself, and Justin and David compare notes on their individual experiences with prostate exams.

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Consequence of Sound: David Duchovny Announces New Album Gestureland

Consequence of Sound: David Duchovny Announces New Album Gestureland

By Eddie Fu on June 9, 2021

X-Files and Californication actor David Duchovny has announced his new album, Gestureland, out August 20th via GMG/King Baby.

Recording for the 12-track project began in February 2020 at Outlier Studio in upstate New York and resumed after COVID-19 lockdown throughout the year at his band’s own studio in Long Island City. The album was finalized in early 2021.

“The album represents three years of song writing over which time I think we developed into a band so there’s a stronger element of deep collaboration here,” Duchovny said in a statement. “The songs are obviously inspired by present day life and problems but we hope to make them universal. We also stretch our sound a little  — getting both heavier and lighter at different times. You want to know which songs are about me. None of them. They’re about you.”

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BlackBook: David Duchovny Will Release Third Album ‘Gestureland’ This August

BlackBook: David Duchovny Will Release Third Album ‘Gestureland’ This August

By Kevin Scrudato on June 9, 2021

When we last spoke to David Duchovny, in 2018, he was riding high on the second season of a successful revival of The X-Files, the release of a new album (Every Third Thought), and the reality that he was also thriving in his other side-career as an unexpected novelist.

Three years on, and he’s proving his prolificness to perhaps be a permanent setting, with his most recent book Truly Like Lightning being released (via Macmillan) this February to raves from the likes of the LA Times and The Washington Post. A third album of music, intriguingly titled Gestureland, will hit the digital shelves this August 20.

Yet for all his successes, Duchovny has also always had a world weary way of projecting out into the world. His Agent Mulder, of course, barely ever cracked a grin. And his songs still tend to skim the more melancholy fringes of the great human experience. To wit, the first single from the album, ‘Layin’ On The Tracks’, which weds Pixies / Sonic Youth style guitar dissonance with the sort of solemn, dark melancholia more associated with the likes of Neil Young or Tindersticks.

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