NY Times: Confirm or Deny – David Duchovny

New York Times hits David Duchovny with a volley of rapid-fire questions on a variety of topics.

By Maureen Dowd

Maureen Dowd: George Clooney is the most overrated basketball player in L.A.

David Duchovny: Confirm.

Princeton basketball needs to bring back the backdoor.

Yeah, confirm. One hundred percent.

You explained what a booty call is to Prince Charles.

Confirm! It’s true.

As a teenager, you were a delivery boy for a meat market in Greenwich Village.

Confirm. I spent the entire time hoping that a bored, dissatisfied housewife would invite me in. I learned two things. One was, that doesn’t happen, and the other is that cleaning the rotisserie is no fun.

You like Polaroids.

Love them, yeah. They’re nostalgic to me. Did you ever do the thing where you take the picture before it develops, you take a coin and you make strips in it? And it will look like a Basquiat, kind of.

You still sing Bree Sharp’s 1999 song “David Duchovny, Why Won’t You Love Me” to yourself in the car.

Confirm. And to anybody else who’s in the car.

You don’t watch “Madam Secretary.”

Oh, no, I see it sometimes. Deny.

Read the full interview on New York Times’s website here.

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