Bustle: 9 Things Only “X-Files”-Lovers Will Understand When Reading David Duchovny’s Novel ‘Holy Cow’

Bustle illustrates the Venn Diagram between David’s newest book “Holy Cow” and X-Files fans!

By Hannah Nelson-Teutsch

To say that I’m an X-Files fan would be something of an understatement. To say that I learned everything I know about paranoia, crime fighting, and workplace romances from this seminal sci-fi series would be closer to the truth. And the truth, my friends, is out there.

And, speaking of “out there,” if you haven’t been hitting the book stores hard these past few weeks, you may not have realized that my own beloved Mulder, the delightful David Duchovny, has just released a “modern day dairy tale,” the effusive, evocative Holy Cow.

From the concept to the cover, the painfully funny prose, to the unexpected twists and turns, there’s a little something for everyone within the pages of Holy Cow. If you’re an X-Files fan, however, you’re in for something extra. Because I’ve spent weeks re-watching the entire back catalogue of X-Files episodes with Duchovny’s new novel in mind, I found 9 things only X-Files fans will truly appreciate when reading David Duchovny’s Holy Cow. Grab your trench coat, and come along.

Read Hannah’s full list on Bustle’s webiste now.

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